Welcome to the Mind of Darwin Harmless
              This site is a personal wank, and wanking is good for you.*

Why Darwin Harmless?

Charles Darwin - one of the most important, inspirational, and awe inspiring scientists who ever lived.  My personal hero.  Also, the man who started people thinking rationally about human beings, which ultimately will be the death of religion and superstition.

Harmless* - no "real man" wants to be called harmless, but I'd like to be.

* according to Dear Abby or maybe Ann Landers, a breakthrough for rationality and fuck you Dr. Kellogg.
**inspired by Marx Marvelous (protagonist and narrator in "Another Roadside Attraction" by Tom Robbins)

Dedicated to promoting humanism, reason, science, education, atheism, joyful sexuality, responsible hedonism, enhanced sensuality, love, kindness, compassion, empathy, free speech, personal expression, tolerance and enlightened social consciousness. 

Dedicated to fighting superstition, religion, intolerance, bigotry, circumcision, corruption, greed, war, ignorance and stupidity.

Though not necessarily in that order.

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