Merry Christmas Everybody

No sane adult believes Santa Claus is real.  Why can't we tell kids the truth.  He's a symbol.I love this time of year.  I wallow in my memories of wonderful Christmases past, of Alastair Sim in “A Christmas Carol” every Christmas Eve, of the lights and the carols and, yes, even the midnight mass that I don’t attend any more.  But I also now recognize that this is a secular celebration, and that Jesus is NOT the reason for the season.  One can endorse peace on earth and good will toward humanity without buying into the cults.  Now Greta Christina has written an answer to that ancient drivel “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus“.  It’s about time.

What’s wrong with Greta’s response to Virginia? Why wasn’t something like that written in answer to the original question, instead of feel good prevarication?  We can keep all the magic, but admit that Santa is just a corporate spokesperson, like a sports star endorsing a product.  Santa represents our generosity toward each other, especially toward children.  Santa is your mother or father, Virginia, and caring adults all over the world.  And that’s the only way he exists.

Christmas lights were always a big part of the magic of this season.

And now that this is out of the way: I hope you enjoy this holiday season.  Don’t drink (too much).  Don’t drink and drive.  Live.  Love. Prosper in the New Year.  Merry Christmas.

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