Oh For Christ Sake, Not HimAgain

Richard Dawkins is a scientist.  Science is NOT religion.  Can we make that clear please.

A commenter with the user name Himagain on the Jesus and Mo comic just called Richard Dawkins a religious fanatic.  Okay.  As Greta Christina constantly repeats, if we say it often enough maybe somebody will listen.  Science is NOT religion.  A belief in science is belief in a METHOD, not belief in a CONCLUSION.  Anybody who can call Richard Dawkins a religious fanatic doesn’t understand science, OR religion, or the difference between the two.

Here’s Himagain, speaking with his own voice:  
Two GREAT mysteries:
1. Why has there not been a fatwah declared on these two people? (May their gods protect them!)
2. What do the people who put all sorts of bigoted comments here believe THEMSELVES?
Would be a good idea if posters had to declare their own “disclosures” before their comments. E.G. Mine: Agnostic-in-process. 60 years of scientific constant research shows conclusively that my position is correct:
Nobody has a clue. Especially that dork Dawkins, a religious fanatic about big S science, who seems incapable of being embarrassed by his own false Religion euphemistically called “Science”.

Well, Himagain, your first mystery is no mystery at all.  We are all hiding behind user names and anonymity for fear of fundamentalist fantatic assholes trying to murder us with an axe in front of our grand children. 
As for your sixty years of scientific constant research, could you give us some details about your experiments and results?  Just how, exactly, did your position come to be “proven correct”.  What were the definitive experiments that removed all doubt from your mind?

I believe that any true scientist is an agnostic, but a “teapot agnostic”.  That’s what I am.  A teapot agnostic is close enough to atheist that I call myself an atheist just to avoid confusion.  As for bigoted comments, your slur against Dawkins is beyond ignorant.  I think Richard Dawkins would agree that he, himself, is a teapot agnostic.  To call him a religious fanatic is, quite frankly, stupid.

Here’s a scientific question for us all: Who’s the dork?  Dawkins or Himagain?  I’d suggest designing an experiment, but this is no mystery either.

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  1. John M. Said,

    December 4, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

    I believe the term you are searching for, the one that prevents a sceptical scientist from falling into the ‘dogma trap’, is what I understand Prof. Dawkins calls himself when he gets the chance – nontheist. This term neatly implies rejection of the standard god or gods, without discarding the possibility that there might actually be things ‘out there’ we know nothing about or that we can never have knowledge of.

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