An Apology from Ron Lindsay

It’s almost as if he read my last post on this issue and decided to take some advice.  Of course I’m just an unknown and unread blogger, so that’s damned unlikely.  But Ron Lindsay has responded, finally, with an apology.

“I am sorry that I caused offense with my talk.  I am also sorry I made some people feel unwelcome as a result of my talk.  From the letters sent to me and the board, I have a better understanding of the objections to the talk.

I am also sorry that my talk and my actions subjected my colleagues and the organization to which I am devoted to criticism.

Please accept my apologies. “

Well, okay then.  That’s an apology.  That’s a recognition of responsibility, without blaming or attacking those who were offended, and an expression of regret for his own actions.  Perhaps Ron Lindsay had a teachable moment and learned something from it.  I’m sure many will read a grudging tone into this, somehow.  I prefer not to.  He says, in his own stiff words, essentially what I wanted him to say, though perhaps not in quite the supporting detail I suggested.  It’s enough.

“Ron Lindsay has apologized to CFI staff for his actions at Women in Secularism 2. He has written an apology here. I’m sure it will not be satisfactory to everyone. I know that I wish more was said. I know Ron. I know that not everyone does, though. This was written after an day and evening of intense discussion and debate. Sometimes there was yelling and tears, but I think we made a breakthrough. I believe this type of personal apology doesn’t come easy to him. I believe that he is sincerely sorry for his speech and further actions at Women in Secularism 2. This is coming from his harshest critic.” ~ Melody Hensley”

This is real movement.  I hope everybody will just accept the apology and move on.  Now I can take part in CFI activities again, and support the good work the organization does.  I also hope that Skepticon can now accept CFI sponsorship, and that the sponsorship will still be offered.  If they got a few extra bucks out of this whole sorry affair, with people donating to them in reaction to their refusal to accept money from the CFI, that would be some good that came of it.

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